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Whether it is for a special occasion, or just a surprise for your beloved, choosing the right fragrance is not an easy job. Due to the rich scale of fragrances, we may well get some help from the shipping assistant, but still a certain risk of confusion exists. Testing dozens of aromas can make your head dizzy and unable to distinguish one scent from the other. Therefore, you should give yourself time to find out which fragrance is going to complement your beloved’s individuality in the most charming way possible.

Before starting your “fragrant” search, try to find out what the targeted person likes and had already purchased. The assistant can help you better, if you know what your girlfriend likes: pure fresh aromas; sweetish and extravagant ones, or simply Channel. Of course, with or without this information, we can give you some helpful tips to take into consideration when choosing the right fragrance.

Consider the occasion: When it will be worn?

In most cases, perfumes are created for a certain season and period of the day. For example, lighter fragrances are more appropriate for the daily time, while intense ones should be worn at night. Think about the person you are giving the present to – does he or she will use it in the evening? Do they usually go to special events? In case, you’re picking the perfume as a gift for your significant other, it’s better to choose one that signals sensuality and romance.

Consider the perfume image: Will it match the one of your special person?

When going through a large selection of perfumes, pay attention to the whole image of the product, and think how it suits the ‘message’ you want to send to the person. For example, L’extase by Nina Ricci is clearly addressed to young, exclusively feminine girls with a playful and free spirit. In the same way, male fragrances might be created for the elegant gentlemen( Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense )), or for the youthful sporty guy (Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege Pour Homme). You can easily notice the perfume’s target customer by simply checking the name of the fragrance, its appearance and advertising message.

Consider the style of the person: Floral or fruity notes?

If you are selecting a gift for woman, ask yourself this: Floral or fruity notes?. The former are more favored by women with a girly taste. Common presumptions tell us they are more shy, sweet and very feminine. If you give a floral perfume to that kind of girl, she will certainly like it. On the contrary, fans of fruity and citrus aromas are wild, youthful and free spirited women. They are keen to sports, rock music and all outdoor activities. They have good sense of humor and love having fun.

Gucci Bamboo

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

You can always pic the classics.

Some perfumes are well-known for their universality, everlasting appeal and charm. They suit personalities with different preferences and are loved by everyone. Here are some of them:


Carolina Herrera 212

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme


CK Euphoria

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

But no matter how you approach the process of making a right choice, the most important thing is to give yourself time for research. It is certainly intriguing how the perfume speaks for us, adding a specific feature to the personality. Let the scent itself to lead you, and to show you how it complements the image of your favorite person. For all that matters, a perfume is a charming accessory to a person’s individuality, and certainly makes a timeless and intimate gift.


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